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N. Bell
Seattle client

Wade Smith grew up in northern Saskatchewan and joined the Canadian Forces Reserves in 1991. He spent several years first deployed to Croatia and then as a Combat Engineer in the Regular Force army, working with explosives, combat diving, and parachuting. In 2000 he transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy and served as a Clearance Diver with the Pacific Fleet Diving Unit, performing deep sea bomb disposal and instructing new divers. From 2009-2010 he led a bomb disposal team in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, and by the time of his military retirement in 2015 he had earned multiple commendations and accolades, including the coveted Order of Military Merit.

But despite these accomplishments, Wade always felt like something was missing during his time in the military. Year after year was spent anxiously awaiting the next vacation or spot on a podium, but they only resulted in short bursts of happiness and excitement that quickly faded. Over time, it started to seem like that was just the way things were, and how they would continue to be in the future.

Sound familiar?

Shortly before Wade's military retirement, a close friend of his introduced him to Accomplishment Coaching, a highly esteemed coaching organization known around the world for excellence in ontological ("being") coaching and leadership training. Wade signed up for their year-long Coaches' Training Program, only to have the program save and transform his life.

Working closely with an ontological life coach, Wade developed a support team and had his heart cracked wide open in the process. He learned to take ownership of his issues, step out of the "blame game", and move away from ego towards humility, service, and integrity. Shifting from "hard-assery" to "bad-assery", he learned to love himself again and rediscover his capacity for forgiveness, vulnerability, gratitude, and courage from within.

Now living on Vancouver Island, Wade is incredibly passionate about life coaching and how it empowers people by leading them to a place of being whole, complete, and awesome. He loves partnering with amazing individuals to identify and remove roadblocks, take ownership, discover possibilities, and love life!

You're invited to partner with Wade to discover your own fulfillment and awaiting possibility. Combine bold, authentic living with joy, success, heart, and being in the moment. Be courageously who you are at your core, in your essence.

Let's design the life you want to live.



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Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

John Wooden
Hall of Fame Coach

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