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Who Do You Want To Be?

One of the biggest obstacles to change in your life is trying to go it alone.

Once things are "good enough", people begin to live life at only half of its capacity.

We all strive for self-improvement, but the truth is, it's easy to become blinded by our own thoughts and behaviours. It can be an ongoing battle to stay focused on your goals and hold yourself accountable for the changes you need to make.

Problems can disrupt even the best of intentions, distracting us from the things that need to be done. Even when things are going well, many people let go of their goals as they tip into "good enough", "comfortable", or "adequate".

But being "good enough" is often the biggest threat to personal growth and excellence. Once things are "good enough", people begin to live life at only half capacity, losing motivation and purpose. It's understandable — how do you convince yourself to strive for more when your brain is saying "things are fine where we are"?

That's why the best time to experience coaching is when things are going well.

It's commonly accepted that top achievers in sports, the arts, and business build long-term relationships with coaches to help them produce results. Partnering with a life coach is a similar relationship. The idea is to work with a professional you can trust, sharing your goals and developing strategies over weeks and months until you have a proven achievement system that works.

I've learned new skills which have helped me to focus on the most important aspects of my life, both personally and professionally. This has opened up the door to possibility.

S. Mandy
Vancouver Island client

With coaching you learn to discover (or rediscover) your purpose, challenging yourself with goals that are realistic, achievable, and inspiring. Life is about more than just feeling good, and coaches are experts at supporting you while holding you accountable to your own goals in a way that inspires lasting change.

Through a coach, you can better realize not only your capabilities, but also your humanity, compassion, and empathy. When you aim for better than "good enough", you can achieve your full potential and produce extraordinary results in your life and career. Most importantly, a coach offers an outside perspective on your situation, your obstacles, and what you're capable of.

Whether you're a business owner, top ranking executive, new parent, recently retired, or just setting out to discover who you really are, now is the right time to explore your potential and possibilities.

By combining your successes with powerful coaching, you can reach your dreams, create new ones you've never conceived before, and live a life that you're proud of.

An Important Note:

Life coaching is not a substitute for therapy or counselling. Therapy deals with healing trauma, dysfunction, abuse, addiction, and conflict within an individual or in relationships. It focuses on resolving past difficulties that hamper an individual's emotional and psychological function in the present. Life coaching is not designed to rescue or treat you, and a coach may refer you to specialists in those fields if they believe that would be of more help to you.

Coaching is future-focused and supports personal and professional growth through self-initiated change, using actionable strategies to achieve specific goals.

What Can You Expect From Life Coaching?

There's a continuous process of change in the world. We can either scramble to catch up and fix what isn't wrong, or we can be courageous and lead the change. Choose courage over comfort.

Life coaching is more than a service — it's an experience. Because coaching is uniquely pivoted around who you are as a person, the process and techniques used can be different for each individual. Here are just some of the experiences you can encounter with Brisance Coaching:

Whether remotely or in person, these experiences and others are tailored to explore what makes you you, and how to capitalize on your best assets. It's easiest to understand in person, so try out a sample session — it's completely free and your first step on the path to incredible change.

Remember: You Have The Potential For Even More Greatness.

There is always more potential inside of you to discover, potential which multiplies with more coaching practices and inner work. Draw them out with the help of a coach who is professional, partner, and friend. You can meet, ask questions, and get a taste of the coaching experience for free.

Go ahead and see what you're capable of.

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