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Failureship Tag: leadership

What does failure mean to you? What do you see failure reflecting about yourself or others? Let’s talk about failure. It’s making a revival in all of the self help posts, memes, books and guru talks, even though many of these quotes, which stress failure as indispensable, have come from long ago.

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Mind the Gap Tag: leadership

Image of Colonel Pat Stogran, courtesy Art of War artist Gertrude Kearns.

I guess a reason why I'm so passionate about my work is that, by putting my old story to rest, I have found peace, freedom and a new lease on life which I never believed existed. I want to pass it on and pay it forward.

Image of Colonel Pat Stogran - ART OF WAR - courtesy artist Gertrude Kearns

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Slow Down Tag: leadership

Slow Down

Ironically, fear is the basis of primary decision making at home, on the battlefield, or at any level of business or government. It manipulates us into the practice of playing catch-up with competitors or enemies. In military terms this is known as losing the initiative, or dropping the ball: SNAFU – A descriptive military acronym used to describe loss of control. How do you transform yourself, your organization, or your business from this negative life of catch-up to a positive life of leadership?

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